A Caipirinha Masterclass

Just before Easter, some of us were lucky enough to have a caipirinha masterclass from Rio born Brasil enthusiast David Ponté from CABANA.  Deadly but delicious, David proved that an authentic Brasilian caipirinha can be made in under three minutes.

1 lime
2 tsp granulated sugar
A handful of ice cubes
Cachaça Rum (conveniently sold at Waitrose)


  1. Cut one lime into quarters and put in a tumbler with 2 tsps granulated sugar. Using a small rolling pin (or similar utensil) squeeze as much juice out of the lime as possible.  
  2. Bash a few ice cubes into medium sized pieces, not too small, and add.
  3. Top up to the brim with cachaça, stir, and enjoy


Tip: David says the secret to a good caipirinha is in the ice, try not to crush into too smaller pieces or it will melt too quickly. Drink without a straw.

By Laura Urquhart