Best Social Media Agency for Restaurants

Looking to get the best social media marketing for restaurants? Sauce Communications is a leading restaurant marketing agency in London. Sauce creates unique, tailored content to ensure maximum reach so you get strong engagement across every online social media platform for your restaurant.

Top marketing agency, Sauce Communications launched Shake Shack’s social media channels in the UK and spearheaded growth through social media advertising, digital marketing, social media influencer engagement, digital content creation and community management for the restaurant.

Sauce Communications, top restaurant marketing agency, recognises the need for social media marketing for restaurants in order to drive interest in brands, encourage repeat customers and galvanise word of mouth. While not appropriate or necessary for every restaurant, bar or brand, there are countless examples of businesses which have benefitted beyond measure from a good social media strategy, digital marketing and working with a marketing agency. There are also countless examples of restaurants, bars and food and drinks brands who simply do not have the time or resources to use social media in an effective way for marketing, which is more often than not a missed opportunity for new business and to get new customers. Thanks to the strong working relationships Sauce has forged with leading social media influencers and bloggers, Sauce has built a reputation as one of the best social media agency for restaurants in the UK and internationally.

With a dedicated social media marketing team, not to mention plenty of social media enthusiasts throughout the company, Sauce is well-placed to take control of social media profiles like yours and build a strategic path to media marketing success for your restaurant by taking time to create new online content for your restaurant or brand. FEED is the new social media & content creation division at Sauce that specialises in social media for restaurants as well as social media marketing for lifestyle brands and food and drink brands.

As well as launching the social media campaign for Shake Shack when it entered the UK market, Sauce Communication’s other work has included digital marketing and planning and executing the social media content for restaurants including Big Fernand, Ella Canta by Martha Ortiz at The InterContinental Hotel Park Lane, Arros QD, Redemption Bar Margot in Covent Garden.

If you are searching for the best social media agency and online marketing for restaurants and bars, choose Sauce. Learn more about Sauce Social Media services here and get in touch today for more information.