Billington’s Sugar: Engagement is Sweet

As lockdown set in and at-home baking reached an all-time high, we proudly worked alongside Billington’s, the UK’s premium sugar brand. We were entrusted with their social media accounts with the main aims of increasing the brand’s engagement levels on Instagram and bringing new followers to the account through authentic content creation, talent collaborations and consistent community management.

We quickly found that the Billington’s community were true advocates of the brand, they were highly engaged and always eager to interact with the account and share their bakes with us. It meant we had a whole team of brand ambassadors behind us, leading to a wealth of exciting opportunities and truly engaging relationships with our followers. We implemented daily, consistent community management to grow engagement on the Instagram channel, and organically drove new and relevant followers to the page. We reached out and engaged with new accounts and their wonderful baking content, tracked hashtags, answered questions and shared user-generated content on the feed and to IG stories, utilising every avenue to engage in conversation with the community. We nurtured and enhanced an active community that were not only engaged with our content but bought into the brand. Every week we created a new interactive story such as a baking crossword or ‘Billington’s Bingo’ and various quizzes for our community to enjoy, which was not only a fun project for us but was key for building relationships with the Billington’s aficionados.

Billington’s proved to be a truly rewarding account to work with, and as a team we loved immersing ourselves in the community. It proved what we already knew to be true, fostering relationships with your community and providing constantly evolving and creative content in line with your audience’s needs is key to building a thriving social profile and therefore, a brand. Over the course of two months, we had already grown the account by 33.5%. We gained 698 new followers through community management and exciting, engaging (and most importantly delicious) content, and a few competitions to spike engagement and following on the way. Coming in high above the industry average ER% of 1.69%, our posts were generating 6.4% average engagement rate.

It was a truly inspiring account to be a part of, and we very much look forward to seeing what Billington’s has in store for the future.