Burger Banter with Tommi’s Burger Joint

Ahead of the official opening on the Kings Road (only a few more days we promise) we have been speaking to the man behind Tommi’s Burger Joint in the UK, Robert Aron Magnusson.


1.       What’s your dream burger?

The old Tommi’s burger back in 1981 in Iceland, the special sauce is a little different to how it is now and it was amazing!

2.       Do you remember your first ever burger, if so what was it?

Yes, it was a McDonalds in Hawaii as a child in the 80’s. It was the start of my burger experience, I remember thinking “wow what is this”.

3.       What differs in London to Iceland in terms of food and what do you miss?

I love the diversity of the food, offering and quality London has to offer, you can walk into a butcher and get just about any cut of meat. The food scene is a lot smaller and limited in Iceland, but the fish is amazing, you can’t get much better. On special occasions people eat fermented shark, it’s horrible though I wouldn’t recommend it.

4.       What is your favourite restaurant in London?

I’m not sure about my favourite but the one I visit most often is Pho, I love soup and they do the BEST soup.

5.       Apart from Tommi’s what is the best burger you have ever had? 

It’s a difficult one but for me it has to be either the Honest burger or Patty & Bun, I can’t choose!


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