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If you’re looking to find the right agency then look no further. With over twenty years of experience, the social media team at Sauce Communications pride themselves on being the leading food social media specialists, with a passion for the industry and a dedication to connecting brands to the right customers in the most engaging and meaningful ways possible.

In Spring 2020, Sauce took their social services to the next level launching FEED their all new social and content creation division, servicing food & drink, luxury lifestyle, wellness, travel, restaurant and hotel concepts. Find out more about FEED here.

Social Media For Food & Drink: Find Out More About Sauce.
Offering full service food social strategy, content creation and community management, the team take a completely bespoke approach to their work. Whether you are an established food, drink, travel, wellness or luxury business looking to refine your digital platforms in order to grow your community and find potential customers, or a start up on the search for an agency who can help create your identity – Sauce are the right team for the job. The social team immerse themselves fully with your tone, style, products, business objectives and USPs, as well as carrying out in depth competitor analysis to better understand the market, before starting any work. This enables them to adopt the right techniques and social media platforms, thus leading to the best results.

Looking To Find A Food Social Agency? Sauce Services Include:
• Strategy – tone of voice, channel identity, style and target audience analysis
• Community Management – engaging with customers, responding, handling positive or negative reviews, sharing customer content
• Channel Management – monitoring conversations, creating posts & daily Stories, scheduling, co-ordinating live videos and IGTV content
• Paid advertising – across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
• Content Creation – photography, videography, animation
• Influencer Marketing – forging ambassadors, managing influencer events, reviews & product gifting, securing coverage (i.e. channel posts and takeovers) through highly engaged & relevant influencer channels

Food On Social Media: The Opportunities
The world of digital is constantly evolving, allowing multiple ways to find customers and grow your brand. Being so visual in nature, when done right, food and drink content can be incredibly powerful online. From sharing a recipe reveals through IGTV or teaming up with leading chefs and industry personalities to host takeovers on your channel, food and drink brands can benefit from the many opportunities which digital channels provide.
One of the key things to note is that customers are known to engage and respond far better to brands posting educational and informative content in comparison to those who use digital to ‘sell’ their services. For this reason, Sauce social team work with each of their clients to find & make innovative ways of creating content with more of a lifestyle element as well as a sense of giving back, be that through recipe, story or fact shares.
Simply getting a like isn’t enough! At the heart of any work carried out by Sauce social team is the need to achieve the business objectives of the client be it, increasing sales, driving website conversions, developing a stronger brand online, driving brand awareness or creating a hyper relevant online community. For this reason, Sauce carries out detailed social media reporting each month in order to asses which content has achieved the best results and if necessary to adapt content & tactics in order to garner better results.

Find The Perfect Social Media Food Agency
Our team works closely with each of our food and drink clients to create unique content to ensure maximum reach and engagement across every platform. Invaluable to the success of countless hospitality, food and drink enterprises, a popular and engaging social media presence will launch your business in the direction of a whole new customer base – and nobody understands that better than Sauce.
Sauce social division have worked with a number of leading food brands over the last twenty years, delivering successful & trailblazing campaigns. Food & Drink clients to date include:
• Shake Shack UK – building the channels to over 20,000 followers in the first three months and achieving over 2 million impressions for the launch of their first London location.
• Arros QD – developing the full online identity for the hottest restaurant launch of 2019, while carrying out tactical influencer marketing in order to achieve widespread exposure and resulting coverage in key target channels.
• Shackfuyu – One of the key early examples of food social media’s potential power for a restaurant’s success was Shackfuyu, the London restaurant from the Bones Daddies group, which launched with only one dessert on the menu. Shackfuyu’s Kinako French Toast with Whipped Matcha Ice Cream was – most importantly – delicious, but also incredibly visually appealing and unusual in appearance. The recipe was social media gold and responsible for introducing the restaurant to scores of key customers on Instagram, a platform that many have come to use to gain restaurant insights and recommendations. As the restaurant PR agency employed by Bone Daddies for Shackfuyu’s launch, subsequent success, refurbishment and brunch menu launch, Sauce Communications had front-row seats to this strong example of the power of food social media.
• Ella Canta by Martha Ortiz
• Aquavit London
• Cobra Beer
• Billington’s
• Margot
• In addition, Sauce advised Dirty Bones Soho to introduce a social pack for its Instagram-loving diners, both a popular addition to the restaurant and a viral PR story to boot, which gained national and international media interest, culminating in a feature on Good Morning America.

Marketing At Sauce
In addition to offering social for food, drink, hotel, travel and wellness brands, Sauce also offers full service marketing which compliments social activity. Our marketing division offer a mix of traditional & modern marketing practices, ensuring a bespoke service for each of their clients. Find out more about our marketing services here.

Looking To Make Improvements To Your Food Social Platforms & Get Ahead Of Your Competitors? Sauce Are Here To Help.
Agile and hungry enough to find new digital techniques, be investigating the world of social and developing expertise in emerging media formats and also methods of communications, here at Sauce Communications we have made it our business to become one of the best food social media agencies in the industry.

Find out more about our social media services here. Get in touch to tell us more about you and how we can help you find new customers online and achieve your objectives. Rights reserved.