Foodie Friday No.V

The last Foodie Friday of 2012 is here and we have some cracking stories to finish off the year. We will be back in January to indulge you with some more fantastic foodie fun so until then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

The Guardian: So the world didn’t end but what would you have put in your survival kit? Dave Drummond


The Mayan predicted Armageddon has gathered a lot of media coverage resulting in a vast number of businesses using this as a cunning marketing tool. DT Kirby’s burger joint in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana launched the “end of the world” burger with the thought if it’s going to be your last meal it ought to be something special.

A shop in the Siberian town of Tomsk ahead of the buildup started selling what they called “apocalypse kits” stocked with items they believe you might need for the ending of the world including vodka, sardines and buckwheat. The obvious choice would be foods with a long shelf life, but if the world is really going to end surely a tin of spam wouldn’t be your first choice. So what would you have as your last EVER meal? We asked the Sauce office…

“Mine would be glazed orange duck breast with mash and panacotta.. And a good bottle of malbec!” Irina Banciu

“Definitely slow roasted pork with LOTS of crackling, sage and cheddar mash and buttery vegetables followed by cheese and biscuits with a vintage port or some of my homemade sloe gin” Hazel Henbury

“Garlic and chilli prawns hot off the barbeque to start. Followed by my mum’s venison and chestnut casserole with celeriac mash, with a Whiskey Mac on the side, and some dark 80% chocolate for pudding …and a piece of hot marmite toast with a cuppa as I couldn’t leave the world without one last bit of marmite.” Alexandra Wardall

“Oysters followed by fresh ravioli with sage, butter, lemon and Parmesan with freshly baked sourdough bread and really good olive oil and balsamic vinegar followed by a very bloody rare steak from Hawksmoor, fat chips and truffle macaroni cheese and then Fergus Henderson’s eccles cakes with Lancashire cheese (and maybe some really good coffee ice cream and hot chocolate sauce)” Laura Tovell

“Bruschetta with peas, broad beans, mint, goats cheese and bacon and loads of olive oil. Roast pork belly, super crispy crackling, roast potatoes, sage stuffing, roast fennel, parsnips with honey and thyme, apple sauce. Chocolate fondant with ice cream and raspberries and a sticky toffee pudding on the side with double cream” Florence Clarke

“Pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup (breakfast)French bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and oil (starter)  Beard to Tail’s pigs trotters with my honey-roast gammon and trimmings or roast gammon with the gorgeous sauce that my Grandma/Mum make (main)Beard to Tail’s Sundae Bible – gingernut cheesecake, milk ice cream and Southern Comfort syrup (dessert). Lots of mulled cider and mulled wine to go with it, followed by vintage port and baked camembert with more French bread and chopped carrots (so I can see in the dark in my after-life).  N.B. I will be eating the crusts of all of my French bread so that I have a curly afro in my next life…” Lizzie Scanlan

The Daily Mail: Sherry is back in fashion and its all Downton the nation’s favorite TV drama, Deborah Arthurs

Once considered the tipple of grandmothers and elderly aunts, sherry is now back in fashion and it’s all thanks to TV drama Downton Abbey. For many years, sherry has been regarded as the preserve of the pensioner, a Christmas aperitif for the older generation or at best a key ingredient in trifle or to spice up a sauce.

Now though, thanks to its starring role in the ITV show, sherry has shaken off its dated image and is emerging as the pre-dinner drink of choice for all ages. Marks and Spencer has reported a 15% rise in sales over the past three months, an increase experts are putting down to the ‘Downton effect’.


Evening Standard: Drinks trends for 2013, Richard Godwin


Plenty of cocktails have been enjoyed in the last couple of weeks around London but what will we be sipping on in 2013. Richard Godwin a cocktail enthusiast reveals all in the Evening Standard.

  • “Disco Drinks”, modern twists taken on classic drinks such as an Almond Pina Colada created by Tony Conigliaro.
  • “Kitchen Tables”, with chefs tables being so popular in restaurants the emergence of a similar concept is set to hit the cocktail scene of London with kitchen sized tables where customers can sit alongside barmen sharing and discussing different drinks and spirits.
  • “Keeping it Simple”, unfortunately novelty drinks don’t stand the test of time so 2013 will see less fussy drinks on menus.


The Daily Mail: Introduce your children to pear-pa pig and banana bear! Supermarket serves fresh fruit in animal shapes to encourage healthy eating, Lucy Waterlow


Parents all over the world struggle with the battle to get their children to eat their five-a-day, so an organic supermarket has come to the rescue by working with designers to create fresh fruit that is more appealing and fun to youngsters, Fresh ‘N’ Friends priced at £2 each.

They have created ready-to-eat packs of fruit salad presented in the shape of animals, flowers and tractors all in the hope that the designs will encourage more children to eat healthy snacks instead of sweets and chocolate.


And finally…


The Daily Mail: Rejoice this Christmas as Roquefort could be good for your heart, Emine Sinmaz


When you settle down to the cheese board this Christmas, try not to feel too guilty. It turns out some of the wedges we’ll be spreading over the crackers could actually be good for us. Scientists have found the blue cheese Roquefort, known for its mould and blue-green veins has anti-inflammatory properties which could help guard against cardiovascular disease. The cheese, which is aged in caves in the South of France, could be among the reasons why the French enjoy good health despite a diet high in saturated fat a situation dubbed The French Paradox. A process that occurs as the cheese ripens is good for a healthy gut, helps slow arthritis, and can slow the signs of ageing, such as cellulite, according to Cambridge-based biotech company Lycotec. So perhaps we could ditch the fancy face creams and just tuck into a good plate of cheese and biscuits.

Hazel Henbury and Alexandra Wardall