Foodie Friday xxiii

With Independence Day yesterday and the American food revolution sweeping London, we thought it was only right to celebrate our friends across the pond.

Shake Shack


Shake Shack, the iconic burger restaurant that started off as a humble roadside burger shack in Madison Square Park in New York in 2004, opened to the public today. In the middle of the buzzing piazza, hungry Shack fans can enjoy these world-famous burgers and hot dogs in one of London’s most iconic locations. Serving classics such as the SmokeShack, ‘Shroom Burger’ and the unique frozen custard Concretes, Shake Shack is set to take the London burger scene by storm.

We found one happy customer





Renowned for its extensive choice of American steaks and eclectic American wine list, MASH (Modern American Steakhouse) embraced Independence Day in every sense on 4th July.  Lone diners were applauded on their independence and offered a complimentary Manhattan cocktail whilst MASH also took passport control into its own hands by offering American citizens a complimentary Manhattan cocktail on presentation of their passport. Danish steak house MASH launched its very first restaurant outside of its native Denmark on 3rd November 2012.  Inspired by traditional American steak houses, MASH is located in an architecturally stunning building in a prime location near Piccadilly and serves a selection of Danish and Uruguayan steaks alongside the American offering.


Celebrate Independence Day with Fordham and Dominion American craft beers



This summer, celebrate Independence Day with American craft beers from Fordham and Dominion, a true taste of the USA. Whether your preferred brew is a refreshing lager, or ales with exciting hop profiles, there is a Delaware brewed beer perfect for raising a glass with our cousins across the pond. Planning an Independence Day barbeque? Fordham’s Wisteria Wheat is an ideal accompaniment to Texan chicken wings or a traditional American Hamburger, or try Dominion Beach House Pilsner for an excellent cool-down on a hot summer’s afternoon; pack a cool box and head to the country (or beach!) for a traditional Independence Day picnic. www.FordhamBeers.co.uk / www.DominionBeers.co.uk