A journey inside the creative process of the world’s greatest chef


elBulli 2005-2011

“A collection of some of the most innovative and influential recipes over the last decade by one of the greatest chefs in our history.” Heston Blumenthal, The Fat Duck

elBulli 2005-2011 is a catalogue raisonné of elBulli, which was widely regarded as the world’s best restaurant until its closure in 2011. Having held three Michelin stars from 1997 to 2011, and regularly being voted ‘World’s Best Restaurant’, elBulli was at the very forefront of the culinary scene when Ferran Adrià became sole head chef in 1987. The restaurant only opened for six months every year and despite nearly two million annual requests for tables, it could only accommodate 8,000 diners each season. Adrià and his team spent the rest of the year developing a completely new menu for the next season. Hours of development work went into the creation of each spectacular dish at the purpose-built elBulli workshop in Barcelona, and the gastronomic innovations of the creative team have since influenced restaurants and chefs around the world.


This seven volume compendium provides the first ever insight into the kitchens of elBulli and captures a vital moment in culinary history, when Ferran shifted the way we look at gastronomy and think about the creative process. This collection features over 750 recipes created during this most-creative period of elBulli and are available in these volumes for the very first time. Carefully catalogued and archived by Ferran and his team, the set provides the only place to access these exclusive recipes.

Each volume contains photographs and recipes for every dish created for that season, including detailed instructions for making every component, notes on hard-to-find ingredients, new techniques, finishing and presentation. The recipes are divided by course, following the unique structure of the elBulli menu: cocktails, snacks, tapas, pre desserts, desserts and morphings.

The seventh volume provides an evolutionary analysis of the restaurant, outlining Ferran’s creative process and allowing readers to cross reference recipes by season, technique and technology.

Beautifully presented, these comprehensive volumes allow unprecedented access to the genius of Ferran Adrià and the creativity that made elBulli legendary. An essential addition to the shelves of anyone interested in modern gastronomy, this is the last chance to uncover the secrets of the world’s most-innovative kitchen and provide the only way to experience what is still considered to the most exciting restaurant in the world.

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