La Bodega Negra

One could be forgiven for not noticing La Bodega Negra at the end of Old Compton Street. Disguised as a sex shop from the outside, I am sure it has resulted in quite a bit of confusion for unassuming diners. Dimly lit with edgy decor, the cushioned bonkets made for a welcome and comfortable change from Soho’s recent influx of new on-trend restaurants. The underground restaurant is deceptively large with seating areas hidden around corners and in nooks and crannies so the likes of Keira and Kylie can enjoy their tacos away from prying eyes.

We decided to kick off with some refreshing mojitos and guacamole with sesame tostadas before moving onto a selection of starters and mains to share. The crab tostadita was a delicious mound of meaty crab with mango and lime, contrasting the crunchy tortilla and making for a satisfying starter when paired with chorizo tacos which packed a serious punch with plenty of chorizo, squash and sweetcorn. The white bean and chorizo side was moorish but a tad runny. However, it complimented our seafood and rice main which had plenty clams, mussels and prawns; a Mexican paella if you will. I imagine the white bean side would have mixed in nicely with the green rice to make a substantial and tasty main. Our potatoes with mole negro sauce came as an un-ordered extra but turned out to be the star of the show with a rich chilli, chocolatey sauce and crispy potato wedges to dunk. With churros off the menu, we decided to bypass pudding and go for another classic mojito to cleanse the palate and round off our Latin American feast.

With the buzzing atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable service at La Bodega Negra, this new underground restaurant is sure to be a hit with the Soho crowd.


Laura Urquhart
Food and Restaurant PR