Leading UK Restaurant PR

Growing since its inception by Jo Barnes and Nicky Hancock in 2001, Sauce Communications is now a leading UK restaurant PR agency.

In recent years Sauce has evolved to incorporate social media expertise, restaurant, food, drink and brand marketing as well as hotels and pubs into its services.

Able to work with upcoming and new restaurants just as effectively as established restaurants and hotels (such as Coq d’Argent, The Stafford Hotel or Hotel Café Royal), Sauce has a proven track record which has established the company as a leading UK restaurant PR. Those in the market for hospitality PR need only look at Sauce’s work on, for example, Dirty Bones restaurants, to appreciate what Sauce can offer. Suggesting an ‘Instagram pack’ for social media influencers and diners who like to take pictures of their food, Dirty Bones Soho took Sauce’s advice. News of the Instagram pack went viral, reaching its zenith when Good Morning America discussed the news, leading to huge numbers of viewers becoming familiar with the Dirty Bones brand. As a leading UK restaurant PR should, Sauce pooled all of its resources and areas of expertise to capitalise on the product offered by Dirty Bones Soho.

The Dirty Bones Soho case study illustrates why Sauce is a leading UK restaurant PR, able to significantly lift the profile of any UK or international restaurant, hotel, brand or chef.