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Leading luxury social media agency Sauce Communications has over twenty years working with luxury brands across lifestyle, travel, food and drink sectors.

The social media & content creation division at Sauce (FEED) is headed up by Lianne Gray, who has developed successful social media campaigns and communities for globally recognised brands including Harrods and Jo Malone, and whose expertise lies in creating tailored social media & digital strategies for brands, supporting their overarching business objectives.

Sauce Digital Agency – A Snapshot Of Our Clients:

Relais & Chateaux – leading collection of gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels.
Acclaimed restaurant Arros QD – by three-Michelin starred chef Quique Dacosta.
Yeotown – luxury wellness retreat in Devon.
Discovery Hotel Management – Portugal’s most innovative and disruptive hotel group.

Sauce Agency: Understanding Your Target Audiences, Overarching Marketing Strategies, Brand Design & Identity

The key to every successful luxury brand social media channel strategy is a detailed understanding of the customer and their behaviours, as well as a strong digital brand identity. Sauce uses the latest social media techniques and analytics in order to fully immerse themselves in every client online, before creating a unique social media strategy and style guide. Like all businesses, the social media channels for any luxury brand should reflect their overarching brand voice, style, design and tone. The Sauce social media team have a dedicated team of in-house content creators, who are responsible for creating thumb-stopping channel content, be that video, GIF, photography, design or animation. Learn more about our social media services here.

The Importance of Community Management For Any Luxury Brand

Customers investing in higher value luxury goods expect a certain level of customer service both on and offline. For this reason, community management and customer engagement across all social media platforms, be that Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, should be responsive, empathetic and should meet the same standards as any offline interaction. Sauce social media & digital marketing agency is alive to your world, carrying out 24/7 channel management and social listening with customer interactions responded to efficiently be that a comment, like, share or regram, The result? Highly engaged communities of loyal fans and followers.

Digital Agency Support – Social Media For Luxury Brands: How Can It Help SEO & The Importance of SEO

Having a strong social media channel can also support your businesses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google ranking through off page factors. Not only do positive reviews on social media channels i.e. Facebook & Instagram support your website ranking (thus supporting SEO), having an engaged social media audience will organically increase your brands website traffic and improve SEO. If a site is seen to be regularly visited, Google will see it as an ‘authority’, thus serving to improve its ranking for relevant SEO keyword search terms.

How Sauce Digital Agency Can Help You Find New Customers

Sauce has helped many brands, from established hotel groups & wellness retreats, leading food & drink brands and high end restaurants, find new & relevant customers online. As part of our strategy to grow your database, social media and marketing tactics include:

Securing collaborations with top tier digital influencers & celebrities i.e. beauty, travel, design, lifestyle and food Instagrammers, Vloggers and Bloggers – Sauce digital agency only works with the best influencers in London and the rest of the world. They understand the importance of influencer marketing and how this can benefit a brands reputation, channel following and drive tangible results i.e. product sales or website traffic.

Connecting their clients to other relevant brands who share similar customer profiles. Creating marketing partnerships with synergistic brands is a great way of accessing new audiences in a meaningful and authentic way. This may be a collaboration on a seasonal product, a competition run through their database, or a takeover on their social media channels. Over the last twenty years, Sauce digital agency has connected their clients to a number of high end brands, securing digital marketing partnerships with the likes of Fortnum & Mason, Thomas Pink, Paul Smith, Bang & Olufsen, Jo Malone, Belstaff and many more.

Launching paid social media campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. Paid advertising is a highly effective and low cost way of reaching your key target audiences world wide, online. This form of advertising can be tailored to meet your digital campaign objectives be that driving website traffic and purchase, building awareness, growing your channel following or generating leads. The benefits of launching paid adverts is that they are trackable and show clear return on investment. This can also support website traffic and overall SEO.

By creating thumb-stopping digital content & design! Your target audiences are far more likely to interact with your brand if your content & online design is engaging and eye catching. Once a customer has ‘bought in’ to your brand and had a positive experience they are far more likely to remain loyal to you, through repeat custom and through spreading word to their own community. Sauce uses new systems and digital products in order to create unique and visually stunning channel content.

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