PIZZA VS PISSA: Macellaio RC collaborate with Harrods in a celebration of pizza


From the 9th-18th February, Italian restaurant Macellaio RC and Harrods will join forces to celebrate the heritage of one of Italy’s national dishes, the pizza. The celebration will come in the form of a culinary battle drawing on a longstanding friendly rivalry between the Neapolitan ‘pizza’ and the Ligurian ‘pissa’. The former is the familiar supple stretchy base, topped with buffalo mozzarella which dominates Italian restaurant menus worldwide. The latter, which claims to have history on its side, is made from a strong wheat flour and sourdough yeast culture, rising slowly at a cold temperature for up to 90 hours with toppings such as anchovies, onions and olives.

A special menu has been created for Pizzeria in Harrods offering classic Neapolitan ‘pizzas’ from Harrods’ senior head chef Giuseppe Silvestri and a less familiar ‘pissa’ from Matteo Riganelli, guest chef from Macellaio RC. The Naples pizzas will consist of Vera Nepolitana (tomato and buffalo mozzarella); Pizza ‘Nduja (‘nduja, red onions and provolone cheese); and Pizza Tricolore (white pizza with parma ham, rocket and parmesan) while Genoese versions include Pissa all’Andrea (tomato, anchovies, onions and olives); Pissa Marinara (tomato and garlic); and Focaccia al Formaggio (crispy focaccia with Stracchino cheese).

In addition, exclusively for Valentine’s Day, a ‘sharing pizza’ will be on offer specially for couples to enjoy one pizza with different toppings on either side.

Starting on National Pizza Day (9th February) and lasting for 10 days, both menus will be served from Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar located on the second floor of the department store.

Monday – Friday: 12-9pm Saturday: 11am-9pm Sunday: 11:30am – 6pm

Notes to Editors:

Macellaio RC

Founded by Roberto Costa, Macellaio RC showcases the best produce from Italy with an emphasis on grass-fed Fassona beef. The first site opened in South Kensington in October 2012, before launching in Exmouth Market in August 2015, Union Street in October 2016 and Northcote Road August 2017.

Website: www.macellaiorc.com Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @macellaiorc

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