Roberto Costa launches London’s first gluten, dairy and sugar free Italian restaurant

Roberto & Simona

Roberto Costa and the team behind the Italian butchery with tables, Macellaio RC, are opening their fifth London restaurant, but this time there’s no steak in sight. Ardiciocca, meaning artichoke in Genoese-Italian, launches in Fulham this April, with chef Simona Ranieri offering beautiful Mediterranean cuisine that is entirely gluten, dairy and sugar-free.

For founder Roberto Costa, simplicity is key, and the finest ingredients should always be treated with a delicate touch, allowing the natural flavours to speak for themselves. This ethos, or Metodo Costa, is central to both Macellaio RC and Ardiciocca. In Roberto’s own words: “We just need to enhance the flavours and make them shine, the treasure is already there”. The produce at Ardiciocca is selected from small farms and producers around the world, with the supply chain carefully traced to ensure that the ingredients are treated with the utmost care and respect throughout their journey to the plate.

Maturation is also key to the Metodo Costa, and therefore a focus at Ardiciocca. Much as the beef and dough at Macellaio RC is left to develop flavour and complexity over time, the emphasis at Ardiciocca is on fermentation. This technique, which in Italy dates back to Roman times, transforms the flavour of vegetables, fruits and grains, whilst also increasing their nutritional value through the development of good enzymes, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants.

Taking the helm in the Ardiciocca kitchen is the renowned Italian chef and cookbook author, Simona Ranieri. A coeliac with a love of good food and a passion for nutrition, Simona believes that no flavour, colour or texture should be compromised in the pursuit of healthy dining. Embracing the Metodo Costa, she has created a menu with starters including Marinated and flamed mackerel, kimchi cucumber, dill and coconut yogurt and Beetroot tartare, mustard and green apple sorbet. For mains, guests can enjoy Pea ravioli with almond, borage and clam broth; Slow-cooked lamb with kimchi; Grilled Albenga artichoke with hummus, pine nuts and bottarga or a selection of creative and nutritious salads. To finish, delicious sugar and dairy free desserts include Matcha tea ice cream with pure chocolate, amaranth pops, and quinoa, and Simona’s signature Almond tiramisu.

The wine list focuses on natural, organic and biodynamic wines, selected not only to achieve a low allergenic impact on the body, but also to support small artisan traders around the world. A wonderful range of lesser-known orange wines sits alongside an array of red, white, rosé and sparkling options from Italy, France, South Africa and beyond.

With the combined knowledge and passion of Roberto Costa and Simona Ranieri, Ardiciocca guarantees healthy and delicious fare, inspired by the renowned Mediterranean diet and Italian food culture, and served in a bright, airy and welcoming space in the heart of Fulham.

Notes to Editors:

Address: Ardiciocca, 461-465 North End Road, Fulham, London SW6 1NZ
Website: www.ardiciocca.com
Telephone: 020 3848 6830
Email: info@ardiciocca.com
Instagram: @ardiciocca_restaurant
Facebook: Ardiciocca

About Roberto Costa:

Roberto Costa was born and raised in Genoa, and from a young age could be found helping his mother at their family-run trattoria in the suburbs of the city. He went on to run a number of restaurants and bars in Genoa, and in 2003, alongside Alessandro Garrone, he founded Maxela, which opened twelve hugely successful branches across Italy including Genoa, Modena, Rome and Milan. Inspired by Maxela’s success in Italy and keen to showcase the best produce from his native homeland to a brand-new audience, Costa took on his next challenge and moved to London, opening Macellaio RC in South Kensington (October 2012), Exmouth Market (August 2015), Union Street (September 2016), and Northcote Road (August 2017). Ardiciocca, Roberto’s latest restaurant project, opens in Fulham in April 2018 as London’s first gluten, dairy and sugar free Italian restaurant.

About Simona Ranieri:

Simona Ranieri is from the verdant Italian region of Abruzzo, and as with Roberto, her respect for great produce and love of food was developed growing up in the heart of a family restaurant. The first big break in her career came thirteen years ago, when she discovered she was coeliac. This made her rethink her whole notion of cooking, leading her to travel extensively and develop her Naturally Gluten Free philosophy. In Asia and Malaysia she discovered how to cook rice and soy, in Africa she learnt about teff and millet, and in Latin America about quinoa and amaranth. Simona moved to London five years ago and has since created I Love Gluten Free, both a brand and a community, and Casa Ranieri Healthy Gourmet Kitchen. She is also the author of two hugely successful cookbooks: I Love Gluten Free and Party Gluten Free. Alongside Roberto, she will employ her great knowledge, experience and passion to create the gluten, dairy and sugar free menus at Ardiciocca.

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