Sauce goes to The Sportsman!

The Sportsman

As you can probably imagine, working with so many incredible restaurants and chefs, we do tend to suffer from Food Envy.

The Sportsman

Spending our time talking about, touting and tweeting the gorgeous food our clients offer, the bosses decided to whisk us off for a seven-course meal as a January treat. Which is why last weekend we popped down to Whitstable to The Sportsman!

After a couple of hours on the coach, we were all pretty desperate to stretch our legs- not least of all Margo, the office dog.

DSC02321-400 px

We pottered along the Kent shoreside, chatting and catching up on anything we might’ve missed over the Christmas break. We weren’t the only ones visiting the seaside that day, on our ambles we discovered (and very carefully tiptoed around) an old WW2 bomb, washed ashore. Well, that’s what we thought it was, at least. We didn’t fancy taking any chances so retreated back to the restaurant, and waved at the Kent policeman carting the suspicious package off through the window.


Not before taking a few group shots, of course…


The Sportsman, boasting a long-held Michelin star and probably the freshest rock oysters in the UK, serves seriously stylish comfort food. We were in for seven courses of treat after treat- starting (very importantly) with raising a glass to the food ahead…


The first course was smoked eel, horseradish cream and poached egg yolk, served in a delicate open eggshell. That might sound gentle, but it packed a punch in flavours…


Round two was rock oysters, both flavoured perfectly and served beautifully. We couldn’t resist a few snaps…

IMG_5905-400px image3-400px

Up next was the veggie course, including red cabbage, parsnip, apple and cheese.


Fresh bread is a guarantee success, and our breadboard featured fresh loafs- red onion focaccia including treacle sourdough, all with a slick of homemade butter on top.


The fish course was brill served in a gorgeous crab bisque.

And the main event was the lamb served two ways with roast veg.


Our two desert courses were a quince icelolly in madeira cream, and a dark chocolate and salted caramel tart.

image8-400px image7

After dessert (and a little more wine), Nicky and Jo made a few announcements- including our plans to make 2015 the best year yet for Sauce. We’re an expanding team with lots of ideas and expertise up our sleeve, so it’s always nice to get together to chat and plot away our future successes…

Waving goodbye to the staff at The Sportsman, who had treated us wonderfully, we hopped back onto the bus for a post-lunch nap and drive back to London, feeling both full and very pleased with ourselves.