Spring has officially sprung and what better way to prepare for warmer months ahead than by celebrating the good old salad.

We’ve compiled a list of five tempting dishes to get you geared up for… dare we say it… SUMMER!

The British one – Thomas’s Café’s Sutton Hoo Chicken Salad

Thomas’s Cafe at Burberry opened in June 2015, serving up the best of British classics, seven days a week. All dishes celebrate the finest seasonal produce from small farmers and artisan suppliers around the UK. This includes the free range Sutton Hoo Chicken which takes centre stage in this delicious salad…

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.29.59


The Middle Eastern one – Arabica Bar & Kitchen’s Ezme Salad

Dreaming of summer sunshine? This vibrant new salad will whisk you away to warmer climes! Arabica Bar & Kitchen are enhancing their menu with a selection of tempting new Middle Eastern dishes (from 3rd April) to compliment their signature classics. Pictured: the Ezme salad; a Turkish-style tomato salsa laced with tangy pomegranate molasses.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.30.35

The Meaty One – Dirty Bones’ Crispy Cajun Short Rib Salad

At Dirty Bones, NYC-inspired comfort food doesn’t just stop at succulent on the bone meat dishes. The team are serving up a crispy Cajun short rib salad with sweet potato, bearnaise salsa verde, quinoa and spinach *says drooling!*.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.33.42

The Vegetarian one – TWINS’ salad with roasted tomatoes and seaweed bread

The Berezutskiy brother’s of TWINS, currently one of two Russian restaurants on the introduction list to the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, present one of their most important ideas within a salad. At the heart of their culinary philosophy is a commitment to sourcing ingredients locally in Russia yet the expansive geographical reach of the country makes for a plethora of varying flavours and products. This particular recipe illustrated above combines in one dish seaweed from the Black and White seas, roasted tomatoes from the southerly-most regions and vinaigrette from Russian sunflower oil.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 16.35.33

The Vegan one – Lume’s Fragrances, colours and tastes of a spring garden

Some of the chefs in high end restaurants shy away from creating vegan dishes. Not the inventive Luigi Taglienti, however! Executive head chef of the Michelin-starred Lume in Milan has created an exceptional dish titled “Fragrances, colours and tastes of a spring garden”. Luigi explained the thinking behind it: “As people become increasingly conscious about what and how they’re eating, more and more of the world’s leading chefs are choosing to incorporate salads and, in general, healthier vegetable dishes into their offerings. I’m always searching for raw ingredients to use in my kitchen. They help me to cross new boundaries, by forcing me to step back and think about what new techniques I can use to develop their flavours into something extraordinary, something worthy of a Michelin-starred menu.”

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