Sauce Loves Chocolate

This week, on Thursday 7th July, the UK celebrated National Chocolate Day! We agree that chocolate deserves to be credited, and have put together a list detailing great chocolate desserts.


Shake Shack – ‘Union Shack’ concrete shake

The ‘Union Shack’ concrete shake can be found at all Shake Shack restaurants in the UK, and is a concoction of chocolate delight. This shake begins with frozen chocolate custard ice cream, blended up with chocolate hazelnut brownie from St. John Bakery, chocolate chunks, a fudge sauce and sea salt added in for good measure. If you are looking for a chocolatey mixture, then look no further than this!

Union Shack


Sosharu – Chocolate and Sesame Roll

Another cultural twist on chocolate can be found at Sosharu, a Japanese restaurant started up by restauranteur Jason Atherton in Clerkenwell, London. Their menu offers another chocolate treat in the form of their ‘Chocolate and Sesame Roll.’ Enjoy a chocolate dessert infused with Japanese flavours, made even chocolatier by being served up with some chocolate ice cream. Undoubtedly, this is a must for chocolate dessert lovers who enjoy a twist in flavour.



Lima Floral – Chocolate Mousse

Why not try an exotic chocolate mousse at Lima Floral? Their chocolate mousse, kept short and sweet by simply being titled ‘Chocolate’ on their dessert menu, is South American in its origin and style. The Peruvian chocolate used in the dessert comes from the Palo Blanco community, and it is served up with ‘chancaca,’ a sauce created from unrefined sugar cane.  Like Sosharu, Lima Floral can unquestionably offer you a delicious chocolate dessert with an intriguing taste. (Photo credit: sylvie_zaman)

Lima Floral chocolate

Theo’s Simple Italian – Chocolate Cremosa Millefoglie

Another inventive dessert incorporating chocolate can be found at Theo’s Simple Italian in Earls Court. The ‘Chocolate Cremosa Millefoglie’ is a layered and beautifully creamy chocolate dessert and a perfectly sweet finishing course. Chef Theo Randall’s restaurant keep it simple, but extremely effective with this Italian chocolate treat.



Mary Berry – Malted Chocolate Cake from Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites

Finally, how about bringing your own chocolate creation to life? Following Mary Berry’s recipe from her book ‘Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites,’ you can create a delicious and simple chocolate cake to share amongst family and friends. Ideal for tea time, dessert or any other chocolate-craving occasion, this recipe is truly brilliant for baking a classic chocolate cake.

Chocolate Cake Mary Berry