After celebrating a day dedicated to commemorating the movement for women’s rights we only thought it was right to take a look back over all the amazing things that were put on…

Delicious specials and refreshing cocktails at Blanchette for International Women’s Day

On March 8th, Blanchette Brick Lane and Blanchette Soho celebrated International Women’s Day with delicious specials and refreshing cocktails. To do their bit at raising awareness, they partnered with Women’s Aid, a national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. At Blanchette Brick Lane a cocktail made with Rhubarb Liqueur, Tequila, Agave Syrup, Mint, Lime, Prosecco was served up alongside a Mango and a Coconut Rice Pudding. At Blanchette Soho the special cocktail was a Blue Curacao, Chambord, Vodka, Cranberry. A discretionary donation of £1 was added on to each bill and matched by Blanchette! All profits were donated to Women’s Aid, while the team showed support by wearing Women’s Aid purple t-shirts.  http://www.blanchette.co.uk/

Blanchette Brick Lane

Brewhouse & Kitchen celebrate International Women’s Day with free all-female Brewery Experience Days nationwide

On Wednesday 8th March, Brewhouse & Kitchen, the UK’s largest brewpub group, celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting complimentary brewing experiences for women at each of their pubs. They were joining thousands of women across the world who are all brewing a ‘Unite Local’ beer, coordinated by Project Venus, a UK based group of female brewers who are passionate about supporting women in the brewing industry. Each Unite Local beer brewed on Wednesday 8th March was completely unique to the pub and once available, on draught, two weeks later, a donation from each pint sold went towards breast cancer research charities.


International Women’s Day events with D&D London

Step up Club and D&D London joined forces to create a day’s worth of events on March 8th for International Women’s Day. A #YESYOUCAN brunch at The German Gymnasium kicked things off, before the #EATWELLWORKWELL lunch with Melissa Hemsley took place at 100 Wardour Street and finally three female chefs discussed their high-pressure jobs with a #NORDICTEA at Aster. For further information please visit https://saucecommunications.com/news/step-up-club-and-dd-london-host-international-womens-day-events-8th-march-2/


Jeany Cronk’s contribution to the wine world of Provence

Jeany Cronk is one half of the award-winning rosé brand, Mirabeau en Provence. In 2009, Jeany and her husband Stephen moved their family from London to the small village of Cotignac, in the heart of Provence, to fulfil their dream of setting up a boutique wine business. Jeany has thrown herself into all aspects of life in Provence, making a name for herself as a foreign woman in an overwhelmingly male dominated French wine world. In 2015, Jeany was one of only two women invited onto the Wines of Provence supervisory board and has been a driving force behind rebranding the image of the region. The supervisory board is made up of 7 “Negociants”, people who work in the commercial side of wine and 7 “Producers”, people who work in agriculture. Jeany is the first woman to be on the Negociant side in Provence – a huge accolade. Her position on the board has allowed her to learn and better understand the industry, and by involving herself in specific projects she has shown her commitment to the region and the whole group. Jeany comments: “It is undoubtably a man’s world and I have faced challenges because of this, but I have been surprised at the general willingness to listen and the interest in how we do things at Mirabeau, especially on the social marketing side and PR. I spent a lot of time listening and trying to understand the system, I wanted to earn my peers respect the slower and more profound way and I think it worked well.”

Jeany Apron Classic Glass Cheers

Lara Gilmore at the helm of Food for Soul project

Lara Gilmore is a stalwart of the gastronomy industry and an inspirational female foodie figure. Aside from being the driving force behind the workings of the world’s no. 1 restaurant, Osteria Francescana, where her husband – the world-famous chef, Massimo Bottura – relies on her for both influence and guidance, Gilmore is currently at the helm of an innovative project aimed at tackling food waste and hunger globally. What began as the Refettorio Ambrosiano project in 2013, in which Lara, Bottura and others worked to transform an abandoned theatre in a suburb of Milan into an avant-garde soup kitchen, is now a global initiative titled Food for Soul. Lara’s vision for the not-for-profit organisation is both to revive communities and to change the way the world thinks about waste. Food for Soul will commence work in London this year, alongside food charity, The Felix Project. Due to open in June, it will be called Refettorio Felix.