Sauce Loves… Ultimate Martini Tips

This week, Spectre has well and truly taken over the world. We’ve spent the week asking a handful of chefs and bars their top tips for the ultimate Bond tipple- the martini.

red martini

Kensington Place’s Adam Nash gives his New York City martini special tip: The Almost Naked Martini (Noilly Prat vermouth), with the most botanical gin you can find- I like The Botanist Gin. The most exciting part is the garnish – blue cheese, just a little cube which adds a very oily & distinct flavour that compliments strong juniper!”


Head Bartender, Tom’s Kitchen Saint Katharine Docks has whipped up his perfect martini recipe: Place a martini glass in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile, measure 50ml of Greygoose Gin or Belvedere Vodka and place it into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until chilled, this should be about 30 seconds. Once the glass is chilled pour 5ml of Noilly Prat or Vermouth into the glass. Swirl the martini glass with the Noilly Prat or Vermouth and get rid of the excess. Now double strain your gin/vodka into the glass, rim with a lemon twist, drop the lemon into the martini and serve.

Dirty Bones Martini

The Dirty Bones Team have given their three tips for a more unique twist on the Bond classic: Try garnishing with a grapefruit zest instead of usual lemon or lime, for a nice bittersweet citrus twist (works best with a wet gin martini i.e. heavy on the vermouth), go for chilli-infused vodka or gin for a spicy kick, or even better, order one at Dirty Bones; way more fun when a bartender does the work for you.

Tim Laferla

Tim Laferna, City Social has given us the lowdown on making a perfect ‘tini: Firstly, a martini to be at its best it needs to be super cold. The colder temperature gives you a more viscous velvety smooth mouthfeel. Take your martini up a notch by increasing the amount of vermouth- even add a dash of cocktail bitters for an added dimension. Use the best possible quality ice- it is just as much an ingredient as anything else. Freeze your own bigger cubes with either bottled or filtered water! And, sorry Bond, stirring retains the velvety smooth texture and prevents over dilution, along with stopping any ice from breaking up and falling into your drink. Enjoy!

Espresso martini

John Quilter, CRU Kafe gives us an insight into the perfect The Espresso Martini: Only ever use freshly brewed espresso- you’ll taste the difference. Coffee liquor is sweet enough so if your trying to cut down calories you can just leave out the sugar syrup. Also make sure you use good quality ice, that clear not cloudy ice! Clear ice has less oxygen which means that it melts slower and holds together longer.  This means that when you shake it it chills the liquor but doesn’t break down diluting the drink.