Bettina Campolucci Bordi

Bettina Campolucci Bordi is a plant based chef on a mission to inspire and motivate the world to eat more plants! With her fuss-free approach to food, Bettina offers affordable and delicious solutions to the belief that eating plants is boring, expensive and time consuming.

After training in plant based culinary arts and working in hospitality and as a retreat chef, Bettina started her Instagram account, Bettina’s Kitchen. And with that, her flourishing brand was born to revolutionise the previously niche vegan culinary scene.

Seven years of deep diving and experimentation later and Bettina has developed a refreshingly simple yet enduring food philosophy: Cook from scratch, keep ingredients simple and let the dish do the talking. Eat seasonally and locally, free food from labels, judgement, and guilt, and above all else, eat what makes you happy! Bettina is also an advocate of the no waste revolution and a champion of sustainability.

Bettina’s Kitchen today encompasses food and culinary expertise, yoga and mindfulness retreats, plant based cooking workshops, recipe development, food writing, and cookbooks. Bettina’s first plant based cookbook, Happy Food, is an international success. Bettina has had recipes featured in the Telegraph and Sunday Times, is endorsed by Jamie Oliver and Conde Nast and works alongside top brands and names in the food and wellness industry.

Inspired by her colourful, multicultural upbringing between Tanzania, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, Bettina’s recipes are guaranteed to bring big taste and huge smiles to the table.

To book Bettina or chat about her for collaborations or events please call Martine on 020 8600 3610 or email on martine@saucemanagement.com