Sauce’s Top 5 ‘Chip Picks’

In celebration of National Chip Week (17th – 23rd February), here at Sauce we’ve collated our list of ‘Top 5 Chip Picks’ in the City.

  1. Cabana

Sweet Potato Fries, sprinkled with paprika 

Sweet potato fries

2. Dirty Bones

Triple Cooked Fries 


3. Shake Shack

Crinkle Cut Cheese Fries 

cheese fries

4. Social Eating House 

Chips, Triple Cooked in Goose Fat served with Smoked Duck Ham and Braddock White Egg

SEH -Duck, smoked ham, eggs and chips

5. Ember Yard

Parsnip-Buttermilk Chips with Manchego

parsnip chips with truffle honey and manchego