Soho’s So Japanese

On a little island of quietness situated between the Friday night hub of Regent Street and Golden Square sits So Japanese. Its fringe Soho location marries well with the understated feeling of quality and calm as you walk in, greeted by several smiling faces waiting to serve you.

There is seating for 35-40 in addition to the sushi bar on the ground floor and further tables downstairs. We were offered some crunchy pickled cucumber to assist with our pondering of the drinks menu, I chose a slightly underpowered Lychee Martini whilst my guest ended up with a gin, melon and lemonade concoction which looked as though it had been syphened straight from a tube in Wonkas factory but was not offensive.

Edamame beans were presented with plenty of salt and the fried tofu was delicious. The aubergine was good enough for us to order a second plate as soon as my guest misunderstood my request to share the last fifth of our original order. According to my guest the tuna Tataki was sensational. Five little melt in the mouth squares of tuna seared around the edge, beautifully soft and flavoursome.

Giles Coren has been known to eat at the bar for lunch on more than one occasion and it is easy to see why. The sushi was well put together and beautifully plump and fresh.

So Japanese is worthy of more than a fleeting lunchtime visit. The staff move at less than a quick pace but at the same time the food is delivered well before you’d begin to wonder at what stage the preparations may be. Fairly priced, a fantastic little find and seemingly much more staying power than the various frantic alternatives in the south westerly corner of Soho.

By Natalie Dunbar