Tommi’s Burger Joint now open in Soho

Tommi's Burger Joint now open in Soho

Tommi’s Burger Joint is now bringing its famed burgers to the heart of Soho with the opening of its third site on Berwick Street. Tommi’s began life in London as a pop-up on Marylebone Street in 2012, and such was its success, made the move to a permanent site on Thayer Street in August 2013, swiftly followed by its second location on Chelsea’s Kings Road later that same year.

As ever, Tommi’s will be rustling up the best burgers in the business, with produce carefully sourced from their trusted British suppliers, with meat from award-winning HG Walter butchers in Barons Court, and bread from Millers Bakery. The burger flipping in Soho will be led by Tommi’s head chef Siggi Gunnlaugsson, who will divide his time between the three sites. The burgers will be cooked on an American gas grill to enhance the charcoal flavour, and garnished in the classic diner style with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and chopped onion, and not forgetting the all-important fries, homemade Béarnaise and cocktail sauces.

As at both Thayer Street and Kings Road, Soho serves a concise menu of burgers including chicken and vegetarian, as well as the classic and steak burgers. The ever popular ‘Offer of the Century’ features at the Soho site, featuring a burger, fries and soda for just £10.90.  True to Tommi’s style, the Soho burger joint has an informal feel with eclectic and vintage interiors.

Tomas ‘Tommi’ Tómasson

As a chef himself, Tomas ‘Tommi’ Tómasson has been in the burger business for over three decades.  After falling in love with burgers as a student in the US, studying Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Tommi returned home to open Iceland’s first fast-food chain, the first Tommi’s Hamburgers, in 1981 and elevated the burger to its rightful place as man’s must-have food.  In just three years, he sold over a million burgers and grew the group to six sites before selling his share in 1984. Over the years that followed, Tommi ran several projects including launching Iceland’s first Hard Rock Cafe in Reykjavik in 1987, and buying and renovating the Hótel Borg in 1992, which he went on to run for a further 10 years.

Following six glorious months travelling the globe, the ‘Viking of Burgers’ planned his comeback after a short stay in Buenos Aires to learn tango, and decided to return to Iceland to open the first Tommi’s Burger Joint in Reykjavik in 2004, swiftly followed by four more across the country.

The brand now has seventeen sites worldwide, with seven in Iceland, two in Berlin, three in London (including Soho), three in Denmark and one each in Sweden and Norway.  Two additional sites will open in Oslo later this year.  Luckily, Tommi has sustained his love for the humble burger all this time, working the grill, eating at least one every day since launch and looking forward to the first bite when he shows up for work in the morning. He also maintains that a good burger is healthy: “If you stop to think about it, what’s in a burger? It’s good beef, bread, lettuce and tomatoes with ketchup, mustard and a little mayonnaise.”




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