Tommi’s Burger Joint

London’s love of the ultimate fast food brings Scandinavian legend to town

It really does amaze me, as I write my first blog post in my new position at Sauce Communications, that the people in London are still absolutely mad about burgers!  And I use the term ‘absolutely mad’ in the best possible taste, as it probably was never considered a trend that would set the London food scene alight.

We’ve had burger vans turned restaurants, major chains rising from modest beginnings in a very short time, and even world renowned Michelin starred chefs making room on their menu for minced meat in a bun.  Next on the list for London burger fans is the legendary Tomas Tómasson, who boasts an impressive career as restaurateur, burger eater and globe trotter with his Burger Joint in Marylebone.  While only being open for a few days, the social media buzz for Tommi and his take on the burger has already turned a few heads!

Walking into Tommi’s joint transported me back into my childhood tree hut (the one that I always imagined), with hand written signs coloured in with “felt tips” and James Bond posters on the walls as an ode to the person ‘I wanted to be when I grow up.’

Before ordering, eyes are drawn to the huge framed picture of a grey-bearded man, which turns out to be the man himself, Tommi.  With facial hair that thick I’m sure a few drops of tomato ketchup or mustard have found themselves lodged once or twice over the past few years.  Ordering from the menu is easy, and what I really find pleasing is that this place isn’t trying to be a burger joint disguised as a restaurant, it’s proud to be a burger joint! A burger joint that doesn’t need to disguise itself as anything else.

So to the main event: the burger.  I went for the standard cheese burger with chips, and when it arrived, wrapped in paper with a side of chips, together as one in its 50s diner-style wooden basket, it certainly didn’t disappoint:  easily unwrapped, perfectly sized for even the most modest of hand spans and the full force of the flavour you would expect from a gas-grilled beef burger, with well-matched burger accompaniments of lettuce, onions, tomato and a special house cocktail sauce.

What really is apparent when tucking into one of Tommi’s Burgers is the dedication to select great quality meat, which is tender, juicy and full of flavour; everything you would want form a top-quality burger.  At under £10 for a burger, fries and a drink, I reckon this will prove to be a popular place for the London burger craze to continue.  One thing’s for sure, I will be back very soon to try the steak burger with cheese and béarnaise sauce, and hopefully fit in a board game or two while I am at it.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TommisBurgerJoint

Twitter: www.twitter.com/BurgerJointUk

By Ryan Bartley