11 foodie Instagramers you should be following in 2014

Last week,  The Telegraph released their Top 10 food accounts to follow in 2014. Whilst the accounts are filled with fantastic food pictures, most were taken by those out of the UK.

As lovers of food and Instagram, we thought we’d list some of our favourite foodies capturing restaurants, bars and hotels across London and beyond that you should be following in 2014.


1. @charlala

‘Eatin’ and picture-takin’ around London’. A natural photographer where food often takes centre stage in her self titled blog.


2. @clerkenwellboyec1

King of the collage. Beer lover. Wine drinker. Food eater. London tweeter.


3. @davidgriffen

Located in South West England, David’s a professional food photographer and leading expert in ‘photography for food blogs’ and ‘food photography for social media’. In 2013, we worked with David on a Mobile Photography Masterclass at Michelin-starred Lima.


4. @eatlikeagirl

Niamh Sheilds loves to cook, eat and write about it and as with all great blogs, comes great photography and eatlikeagirl.com is certainly no exception.


5. @mondomulia

An ‘Italian living in London’ who loves brunches, coffees and taking idyllic photos of her travels. Guilia started her blog in late 2011 as a way of improving her food photography and baking skills and we certainly enjoy admiring her work.


6. @nathanoutlaw

One of a growing number of chefs on Instagram, follow Nathan’s Instagram for an insight into his culinary creations, daily happenings and beautiful surroundings.


7. @paulwf

Paul is a professional food and drink photographer based in London and his meaty adventures are ones to follow in 2014.


8. @rosielondoner

Rosie is the author of a lifestyle blog ‘bursting with food, travel, fashion and adventures’. It is no wonder she has such a huge following when she posts delicious photos of new creative dishes… dig in!


9. @theboywhobakes

Following Edd Kimber’s British Bake Off win in 2010 he has had a whirlwind foodie journey. We think he’s one to definitely keep up to speed with his regular recipes, tips and creations.


10. @topwithcinnamon

Izzy Hossack, aged 17, learnt to bake from her American-Italian mother’s hand written, family recipes. In keeping with original style, her food based photographs are natural, simple and inspiring.




11. @wilkes888

London based food and drink-o-phile‘. Trawling through the London pop-up and street food scene: tasting, drinking and guiding loyal followers on the latest London trends. Wilkes is our 11th Instagramer to watch. A friend of Sauce, read Wilkes review of our Mobile Phone Photography masterclass here.




So who did we miss? Is there a foodies Instagrammer we should be following? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll add out favourites to the list.

And you can follow Sauce on Instagram here.