Travel PR London

West London-based Sauce Communications travel PR agency is a leading force in the London market. Having experience working with travel brands such as Vintry & Mercer, the Conrad St James Hotel, The Goring, The Ritz, the Hilton Hotel Bankside and the Chelsea-based Private Travel Company, the travel PR experts at Sauce work hard to secure top-quality exposure and opportunities for each.

This leading travel PR agency has spent decades building media relationships with key publications, journalists and high profile influencers, ensuring that quality brands reach their full potential. Leading travel PR is a delicate skill to get right, with Sauce currently at the forefront of this dynamic and fiercely competitive industry.

As the world of lifestyle PR becomes ever-more integrated and digitised, Sauce Communications is well-placed to drive the industry into the future, with its teams of experts in social media, digital marketing, brand, restaurant and bar PR working ever-closer to provide a broad range of possibilities for its family of clients. Working with Sauce means far more is on offer than simply travel PR, thanks to a growing team of passionate media savvy professionals who can push your travel business to succeed in new and exciting directions.

Case Study:
Sauce enjoyed working with The Private Travel Company, founded in 2016 and on a mission to edit the vast array of luxury travel options now available to UK consumers. The business builds itineraries for their clients to ensure unforgettable holidays, and Sauce Communications ensures that The Private Travel Company reaches its key audience and customers through its top luxury travel & tourism PR contacts and expertise.

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If you are a hotel owner, tourism board, travel entrepreneur or hotel group and looking for the latest expert PR, marketing and social media support, contact Sauce today.