Cobra beer launches new visual brand identity across all products

Cobra Beer


Cobra Beer reveals re-brand on shelves and across bars and restaurants. Cobra Beer launches new packaging, glassware and dispensers now available across UK

APRIL 2019, LONDON: Cobra Beer have launched a comprehensive new brand identity, including all of its product packaging, glassware and dispensers across the UK.

A new-look bottle and can packaging will be on the shelf from this month across the Cobra Beer range: Cobra Premium Beer, Cobra Gluten Free and King Cobra, along with new glassware and point-of-sale in thousands of bars and restaurants where Cobra Beer is stocked.

The new visual brand identity is part of a £1.2million investment into the re-alignment of the brand as a world-leading beer brewed smooth to be the ideal accompaniment to a host of different cuisine types.

The new VBI packaging will include:

  • Bottles embossed with designs inspired by Cobra Beer’s unique brewing process, an innovative, complex recipe and unique .
  • An entire new packaging design reflecting Cobra Beer’s transition into a leading World Beer brand, exported from the UK to over 40 countries worldwide.
  • New glass designs which represent the use of Cobra’s finest ingredients and new dispense equipment including a new font, plaque and handle –driving stand out on the bar.

Today Cobra Beer is a world leading beer brand and it continues to stay true to its origins. The new branding reflects its journey from humble beginnings into a household name and a drink of choice for all food types.

Cobra Beer was originally brewed in Bangalore, India and imported and distributed to restaurants in the UK by its Founder, Lord Bilimoria shortly after he graduated from the University of Cambridge as an international student with £20,000 in student debt. He set out on a mission to create a beer which would be the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Lord Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer, said:

“Long before the revival of British real ales and the rise of craft beer, I wanted to create a lager that was less gassy than most and more drinkable than most real ales – a beer with the smoothness of an ale and the refreshment of a larger – in other words, a beer that could accompany all kinds of food.

“This is the first full rebrand of Cobra Beer, after 15 years, during which time Cobra Beer has grown at an enormous pace, becoming a joint venture with Molson Coors, one of the largest brewers in the world ten years ago. Cobra Beer is now stocked in thousands of supermarkets and off-licences around the world, as well as pubs and restaurants of all kinds, including Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants.”

Jo McCarthy, Marketing Manager, Cobra Beer, said:

“Cobra Beer will invest £2 million in social and digital marketing, PR and events in 2019 to reach a new market of gastropub diners and food lovers looking for a beer that accompanies new flavours and experimental fusions from around the world.

“Consumers have a fast-growing appetite for vegan-friendly and free-from products, and the new visual brand identity reflects the great steps Cobra Beer has made to become the beer of choice for a huge range of new food lovers and develop innovative new products like our Gluten Free beer. Cobra Beer can become the first choice for conscious consumers.

Cobra Beer’s entire product range is constantly innovating and improving to ensure that they are the perfect accompaniment to all food. Earlier this year the products were approved as vegan-friendly, following accreditation by The Vegetarian Society.

Cobra Beer won seven medals won at last year’s prestigious Monde Selection Awards for fine quality and taste bring Cobra Beer’s total number of gold medals from the prestigious Monde Selection Awards up to 101. Cobra Gluten Free has also been shortlisted for the Free From Food Awards in the Down the Pub and Bar category. The new VBI packaging showcases the beer’s award winning status on all touchpoints.


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Contact details for further information

For further information, please contact the Cobra Beer team at Sauce Communications on 020 8600 3600 or email Fern@saucecommunications.com

About Cobra Beer Partnership Ltd.

The Cobra Beer Partnership is a joint venture company that combines the brewing, selling and marketing expertise of the highly successful international brewer Molson Coors, with Cobra Beer’s iconic brand and strong presence in ethnic restaurants, off-trade and the on-trade. Formed in May 2009, the Cobra Beer Partnership is chaired by Cobra Beer’s founder, Lord Karan Bilimoria with the day to day operations managed by Molson Coors (UK).

Lord Karan Bilimoria founded Cobra Beer in 1989. He launched Cobra Beer when he realised that Britain deserved a better, smoother, less gassy lager. Not just smoother, but one which complemented food, and could appeal to both ale and lager drinkers alike. Originally imported from Bangalore, Cobra is brewed to a traditional Indian recipe with a modern twist for an extra smooth taste. Only the finest natural ingredients are used including barley malt, rice, maize, wheat, and three varieties of hops. Cobra Beer is now the No. 1 selling beer in Indian restaurants in UK and is also one of the strongest and best known brands in the world beer category in the UK. Cobra has been exported to over 40 countries around the world. The Cobra Beer portfolio is also one of the most highly awarded. In the Monde Selection, one of the most prestigious quality awards in the world for beer, Cobra Beer has been awarded a total of 101 Gold Medals since 2001.