Jude’s, the British, family owned brand, has been dedicated to crafting the world’s tastiest treats for big kids since 2002. Now that the next generation of little kids are in tow, Jude’s is on a mission to help them eat better and live well.

Little Jude’s new Fruit & Veg Rockets contain no refined sugar, taking their sweetness instead from fruit and vegetables. Made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, Jude’s Fruit & Veg Rockets are a fun way for children (and parents) to enjoy some of the goodness from fruit and veg.

Each Little Jude’s Fruit & Veg Rocket contains less than 32kcal and less than 10g sugar per 100g, which is a whopping 46% below the Public Health England’s (PHE) recommended sugar levels for children’s lollies by 2020* as part of the Childhood Obesity Plan.

Chow Mezger, MD and Jude’s son, comments: “The Little Jude’s Fruit & Veg rocket Lollies address sugar concerns of parents, with less sugar than your average yogurt. They are also a fun and tasty way for children to enjoy some of the goodness from fruit and veg, which can often be a challenge! We’re proud to be leading the way and offering parents and kids a delicious, healthier treat.”

Little Jude’s Fruit & Veg Rocket Lollies will be available in 6 x 55ml packs exclusively at Sainsbury’s from May 5th, priced at £3.50.

*PHE’s recommended sugar content for lollies by 2020 is less than 18.6g per 100g.

Each Little Jude’s Fruit & Veg Rocket’s contains: spinach and apple, beetroot and raspberry, orange and carrot.


We’re Jude’s. A family who love crafting utterly delicious ice cream. It all started with one man mixing and churning in a Hampshire dairy barn, with milk from local cows. His creations were lip-smackingly good. So good he gave them his wife’s name, Jude.

He carried the first tubs across the field to the local pub, which went down a treat, and soon he was teaching his two sons all he knew about the art of ice cream making.

Today top chefs can’t get enough of our scoops and we’ve bagged over 40 Great Taste Awards.

We’re always experimenting with exciting new flavours and collaborations. Our mission is to knock your socks off, every time.

To craft brilliant ice cream, you need happy people. They’re one of the most important ingredients: our founder was soon joined by his sons, then their best friend, then plenty more brilliant people. We’re proud of the whole Jude’s family and love seeing it grow.

We donate 10% of all our profits to charities that work with children and young people. Find out more at www.judes.co.uk/charity

Flavours: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Clotted Cream, Salted Caramel, Black Coconut, Caramel Pecan, Gin and Tonic, Gooey Chocolate Brownie, Jude’s Minis, Lower Calorie vanilla bean, salted caramel, vegan chocolate and peanut butter

Jude’s milk arrives fresh at the dairy each morning, from a herd of 220 Holstein Friesian cattle at Matterly Farm.

Jude’s source the world’s best possible ingredients including: Madagascan vanilla, Maldon sea salt and single estate Columbian origin cocoa beans.

Stockists: Sainsbury

Price: 6 x 55ml packs, £3.50

Contact: nichola@saucecommunications.com

07739 966 205

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