Plant-Based Population: UK Vegan Hotspot Revealed

Healthy recipe box service analyses over 150,000 customers to reveal the nation’s dietary requirements

Wales tops the regional leaderboard for most people choosing a plant-based diet

Brighton and Torquay have biggest vegan communities


February 2021 // Mindful Chef, the UK’s top rated healthy recipe box service*, unveils its report into regional dietary preferences around the country – revealing that you’re most likely to bump into a vegan if you’re in Wales.

Following a successful Veganaury, which saw a 400% increase in Mindful Chef customers ordering its plant-based recipes, it’s clear the number of people in the UK choosing a vegan diet is a growing trend.

The in-depth findings examine customer behaviour from over 150,000 Mindful Chef customers that are choosing either a meat, fish or plant-based diet. The region with the highest percentage of those choosing vegan meals is revealed to be Wales, with nearly one in three people (31 percent), opting for either exclusively or predominantly vegan meals. Also featuring in the top five plant-based hotspots in the UK is the South West (30 percent), East Midlands (30 percent) and Scotland (30 percent).  

When it comes to analysis of cities, Torquay has caught up with popular vegan hotspot Brighton, with over a third (35 percent) of both cities opting for an exclusively or predominantly plant-based diet.  Close behind are East London (34 percent), Manchester (34 percent) and Cardiff (34 percent).

On the contrary, the city that is demonstrating the most carnivorous behaviour, with nearly a third (30 percent) of customers only ordering meat or fish based dishes is Wolverhampton, while many areas within London are choosing a primarily non-vegan diet.  Over half of customers in North London, North West London and South East London opted for predominantly meat and fish recipes. 

Myles Hopper, Mindful Chef CCO and Co-Founder comments: “Encouraging people to eat more plant-based meals aligns closely with our sustainability goals. We are seeing a growing trend in customers adding plant-based meals to their boxes. In the first two weeks of Veganuary 2021, Mindful Chef sold over 180,000 of its vegan recipes, compared to 36,000 in 2020, meaning the number of customers eating our plant-based recipes has increased by 400% year-on-year.” 

Supporting this growing trend, over 80% of Mindful Chef’s customers included plant-based meals in their orders last year, and as such, Mindful Chef has responded to consumer demand by increasing its recipe box menu to feature 15 delicious plant-based recipes each week.

Top five vegan communities by UK region:


South West

East Midlands


North West


Top five vegan communities by UK city:



East London