Mindful Chef hits six million meals donated to One Feeds Two, and counting

This February, whilst being named The UK’s highest rated healthy recipe box service, Mindful Chef has reached the milestone of 6 million meals donated to children living in poverty, through its partnership with One Feeds Two.  The partnership, which began in 2017 saw Mindful Chef setting themselves the ambitious goal of donating 1 million nutritious school means to a child living in poverty for every meal sold. Pioneering the ‘one for one’ model in its category, Mindful Chef is delighted to announce that it’s not stopping at the 6 million meals and instead has set a new goal to reach 10 million meals donated by the of the year.

Myles Hopper, co-founder of Mindful Chef, says: “We are extremely proud of the Mindful Chef community who have helped us donate over 6 million school meals to children living in poverty. Thanks to their support, we’re making feel-good food that has a positive social impact. Mindful Chef’s aim is to use our business as a force for good,  and encourage others to do the same. In very real terms this initiative encourages children to go to school and gain an education. The program also supports the development and maintenance of local infrastructure by working with communities to provide the school meals. We can’t thank One Feeds Two enough for facilitating this and our community for supporting us in achieving this milestone.”

 Owen Burton, co-founder of One Feeds Two says: “When we first met Myles and Giles, Mindful chef was a small but promising business with mindfulness at the centre of the whole operation. After 4 years of working closely together, they have donated their 6 millionth school meal with One Feeds Two. Thank you to the Mindful Chef community. You have made an incredible impact on so many children’s lives; supporting their nutrition and opening up a world of education.”

We are so thrilled Mindful Chef has made this initiative to help those in need at such a difficult and sensitive time and we very much look forward to seeing their progress to reach the 10 million meals donated through 2021!