Sauce Travel Team Bring On Some Exciting New Clients

It has been a busy few months in the travel department at Sauce Comms. As the world has adapted to the new normal and whilst we all can’t travel as freely as we all did pre-pandemic, a slower pace in travel has taken centre stage. Outdoor pursuits and nature are becoming the first requirement for many. We are thrilled to announce that we are working with Work Mango, Kymani Getaways and Luxury Cottages. Launched in 2020, all three brands offer an alternative to hotel stays.


Kymani Getaways, the UK’s newest luxury outdoor glamping collective seeks to offer guests the opportunity to switch off and enjoy the company of loved ones. With camps opening in May, this summer season will see the brand allow urbanites the chance to roam through acres of unspoilt fields, dine al fresco and spend evenings star gazing.


Whilst Luxury Cottages offers the option to rent a Manor House that sleeps up to 16 guests, offering comforts such as swimming pools, hot tubs and dog friendly options. All cottages are fitted with the amenities one would expect in a five-star hotel, making for a wonderful opportunity for multigenerational travel in a safe environment.


Further afield, Work Mango is offering a getaway of a different sort. Founder Ronald Mind set out to make it possible for anyone wanting to move to Antigua & Barbuda and Barbados for a long stay holiday. The membership concierge offers the ease of stays for individuals and families and looks after all on-ground details including visa’s, school enrolment, office space and villa rentals alongside travel arrangements and even subletting one’s home in the UK or NYC.